MultiVox Echo tape Echo Loop

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multivox Stage Echo tape machines: tape loop replacements for tape machines, high quality thick guage tape, custom made from heavy duty polyester, self-lubricating,sustrated and optimally biased for these machines

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The new Tape Loop is Made of High Quality, High Output, Self-lubricating tape stock which is Heavy Duty Polyester, Substrated and Optimally Biased for these Machines.It gives less wear and tear on the machine heads and it also has the added benefit that the magnetic oxcide does not release itself from the tape thereby preventing the tape heads and other moving parts from becoming clogged up.

N.B Extra thick gauge Tape is used for these Tape Loops as these machine push as well as pull the tape through and standard tape would stretch and break!

The tape loops are sold as

1 X Tape loop

3 X Tape loops

4 X Tape loops

5 X Tape loops