About Us

Over the years we have been actively involved with overseeing the testing and design of a Tape Echo Machine for the Proaudio and Musicians market. Whilst we were managing the development of the prototype, we spent a long time testing for the best tape formula for a tape loop; In the past  tape loops have always been renowned for the oxide residue clogging up the machine heads and mechanism of the equipment. Also general wear and tear of the machine heads was another problem.

With this knowledge and working with some of the few professionals left in market we have come up with what we believe to be the best tape available to counteract these problems.

Our tape loops are made of High Quality, High Output, Self-lubricating tape stock which is Heavy Duty Polyester, Substrated and Optimally Biased for tape loop machines Machines

We feel confident that your purchase from us will be an investment for your tape echo machine

We hope that our tape quality,will have you prepared to reccomend us to someone else!

Please note that we are an on-line store only. Our site is protected by SSL incryption technology to keep your personal and credit card information totally secure.

Contact us at: customerservice@mytapeecho.com